05 June 2024

I Stand With Losers Tomorrow

These losers, on the eightieth anniversary. Not this (bonespur-ridden, draft-dodging) loser (which notwithstanding protests similar to "I never said 'Lock her up!'" was confirmed through multiple sources). But then, I volunteered…

  • Why anyone would want to reelect that creep is beyond me. It's apparently not beyond billionaires. That reminds me of one of the few lines from F. Scott Fitzgerald that I can agree with: "Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me" (which also evades the question of who are "the very rich," but that's definitely for another time). And not just because they have more money — because they appear to have less ethics.
  • Methinks there are a few repeat offenders involved in the preceding sausage. Oh, wait, not that kind… maybe. Certainly this kind, though.
  • Not to mention this kind: Overenthusiastic defenders of theocracy (which leads, historically and probably inevitably, to failed states and disdain for the rule of law). "Genocide" isn't the only war crime — just the most serious one, requiring proof of intent far beyond mere "atrocity" or "overt and intentional disregard of Protocol II even by nonsignatories."
  • How about something a little less rabid, like the music business? Some borderline theft, maybe some more than borderline (attempted) theft, some residual bigotry and invasions of privacy… ok, I take it back. It's just as rabid, just maybe with a little bit lower stakes.