30 May 2024

Aspiring Illinois Governor

… because that's the political office for which Drumpf is now best qualified, as a convicted felon. Since 1945, half of the elected governors — there was one instance of a Lieutenant Governor assuming the office after the Governor accepted appointment as a federal appellate judge before a later indictment, so he's been excluded — are convicted felons, impeached and removed together with later felony charges, or indicted/still subject to indictment… and the rest are pretty dubious at best. (The irony of this record in the home of "Honest Abe" is not lost on me.) It's not too early to move and get onto the ballot for the next election, which isn't until 2026!

Doonesbury, 29 May 1973 (posted for purposes of commentary)

One down. At least three to go. That said, I think there's little chance of his attire matching his skin tone: For security reasons if nothing else, I doubt an actual custodial sentence will be imposed (regardless of the impending appeal process). One wonders, though, if he'll be adding home monitoring ankle bracelets (made with child labor one bench over from the soccer balls sewn with ten-year-olds' teeth) to his "collection" at Macy's.

I'm afraid my schadenfreude quotient for the quarter has been exceeded.