29 May 2015

The Beautiful Game?

Dan WassermanI'm shocked — shocked, I tell you — to find corruption at the top of any entertainment-industry organization, let alone the governing body of the Beautiful Game. However, the utter lack of beauty among those governing the Beautiful Game is more than a bit ironic; I don't think tighter shorts would help these dweebs, except perhaps when giving them the nuclear wedgie they each so richly deserve.

Now if the FBI really gives a rat's ass about stamping out corruption in entertainment — since it obviously doesn't give more than a single emaciated hamster's ass about stamping out corruption in politics, and then only after the target has left office — the International Olympic Committee should search its short-term memory a little bit, and the NCAA should reconsider its unlawful union-busting and withholding of wages due its employees"student-athletes" while pretending to be "non-profit". That's just sport. Perhaps the RIAA, MPAA, APA, et al. should think a bit, too... but no links for them, as the real dirt is either offline or such that most of those with knowledge can't say anything about it. And the less said about the arrogance, hypocrisy, and inherent corruption of "cultural institutions", the better.