01 June 2015

MST 2001

... that is, Mystery Security Theater 2001.

  • So, the NSA won't legally be authorized to collect massive amounts of message-unit data for traffic analysis, now that § 215 of the TRAITOR PATRIOT Act has expired. Anyone who claims that this means the NSA won't have access to valuable data for traffic analysis concerning potential terrorism hasn't ever paid attention to just how little opposition there is to FISA court warrants.

    None of which is going to stop any of the phone companies/wireless carriers from doing exactly the same thing in the name of "marketing research" and "personalizing the customer experience."

  • Meanwhile, that other visible element of Mystery Security Theater has proven just as effective. Airport screening is wildly ineffective, which is not a surprise to anyone who has ever studied airport security with even a single pair of open eyes, hungover, at o-dark-thirty after an all-nighter the night before.

Mystery Security Theater: Something must be done. Spending large amounts of money on hardware, but virtually none on training and/or human intelligence, is something. Therefore...