27 May 2015

No Rest for Wicked Link Sausages

Of course, link sausages taste better after some rest... which explains a lot. Or at least a little.

  • RIP Tanith Lee and John Nash.
  • The First Amendment rules. It's one thing that Europe needs to accept that the former colonies Over Here do vastly better than they do. Of course, it makes it much harder to suppress criticism... and the privilege to suppress criticism is something that European elites seem to assume, like the sun rising in the east.
  • Professor Rhode's observations on the legal profession's problem with diversity are unlikely to result in any real change as long as "pedigree" continues to be a gatekeeper for early employment opportunities... because "pedigree" is a self-selecting discriminatory mechanism. Too, that leaves aside the "had a life before the law" problem, and the self-selection for assholes problem with the kind of undergraduate backgrounds funneled into leading lawschools.
  • But I suppose that beats p-hacking as a way of life. That has a definite resonance in law, which I blame on the stupid "zealous advocate" imprecation of the older attorney disciplinary rules (which never, ever were imposed on the bar's leadership or tobacco lawyers, all general historical evidence regarding failures of leadership to the contrary). I still see lawyers following that directive — often explicitly — despite the fact that in most jurisdictions, "zealous advocacy" has not been in the rules of professional conduct for a quarter of a century or more, and too frequently devolves to being an asshole. Perhaps this says something really subversive and unfavorable about how much actual learning of law goes on after law school, when law school purports to be about learning to learn the law.
  • PowerPoint must die. For that matter, so must the traditional format of the military staff briefing. Of course, there will have to be a replacement... like coherently written, adequately researched, clearly documented briefing papers. Yeah, that's going to happen. At least it won't be judicial opinions — or legal briefs!