07 January 2008

The Holidays Are Officially Over

...because the Voracious Teen is back in school. Finally. I might be able to go grocery shopping and actually get the stuff into the refrigerator before it gets eaten. Maybe.

More updates in the next couple of days, including (in no particular order):

  • Further musings on libel tourism, and why the New York Court of Appeals didn't even ask the right questions
  • Partisan politics as a respectable mask for bigotry
  • More publishing shenanigans
  • The difference between "the RIAA said" and "a representative of the RIAA said"
  • Why much that is wrong in the Persian Gulf can be blamed — at least in part — on French colonial arrogance

For the moment, though, I'll just leave you with this thought: The Supreme Court has properly denied review in Kahle v. Mukasey, No. 07-190, which — at its core — tries to do two improper thing: Relitigate Eldrich v. Ashcroft without actually raising any new arguments or evidence, or even demonstrating a change in context that would justify reinterpretation; and elevate "administrative convenience" to the principle factor in any fair-use inquiry. I'll have more on that down the road, too.