03 January 2008

Caucus Musings

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I do not support any of the candidates who will be in the caucuses in Iowa today.

Cthulhu '08!

Once again, the candidate list is proof that the CSA won the Civil War. The jackasses include the wife of a former governor of Arkansas; a senator from the state that fired the first "official" shots; and that most carpetbagger of carpetbaggers, an Ivy-league-trained lawyer (who, one might add, didn't practice law for very long — certainly not long enough to do law). On the other hand, the heffalumps include a former governor of Arkansas; a senator from Arizona, which bloody well would have joined the CSA if it had been a state at the time; and two token Yanks (one from New York and one from Pluto — take your pick on which one's perceptions of reality are more like, well, reality).

Cthulhu really is starting to look like the lesser evil, which is going to harm His reputation immensely. Thank you, Justice too-ashamed-to-sign-your-name, for your conclusion that spending money is symbolic speech... which would have been completely unnecessary if you and your brethren (there were no sistren at the time) had not historically been so concerned with defining "obscenity" as "not speech." I don't think I'm reaching too far in noting the relationship between "obscene" and "contemporary American election rhetoric," am I?

In any event, they're all much too conservative for me. And that goes for the candidates, the party structures and leadership, and the "electorate" in that most-demographically-unfit opening venue.