10 June 2004

News of the Weird

According to the Guardian, the Portugeuse police don't want drunk English football hooligans at the European Cup this month. They'd rather have them stoned. And they don't mean with rocks.

Not content to bust former gang members at O'Hare, the Vaterlandsecuritätsburo and its local gendarmerie found that an artist who called for paramedics when he discovered that his wife had stopped breathing in the night must be a terrorist, probably because his politics lean even farther left than the "universally" left-wing faculty of American universities. (No, Perfesser, I'm attacking the police attitude.) What's next? Getting stopped for having long hair and patched jeans? <SARCASM> No, that could never happen here. Law enforcement authorities in the US would never, ever stoop to using an individual's personal appearance as an excuse for arresting him or her. </SARCASM>