23 December 2023

Poisoned Blood Sausages

I have two questions for those Over Here complaining — no, not just complaining, shrieking — about how immigrants are poisoning the blood of the nation:

  1. What federally-recognized tribe are you a member of?
  2. Care to share your hints for getting stains out of those white sheets you're wearing?

I'd also ask if they were aware that they're echoing a wannabe Austrian artist, or pseudonymous fan of icepicks and purges (and I don't mean some diet fad), but (a) we already know and (b) they'd lie… or claim they got the rhetoric from other, equally repulsive figures. Not to mention ignore that that… individual's grandfather was an undocumented immigrant.

Not just Over Here, either. Maybe we should ask the Prime Minister about it… preferably at Question Time when he'll be forced to answer.