21 October 2022

Link Salad

No link sausages today, just a link salad — although this is not an homage to my late friend Jay Lake and his "link salads."

  • Madame, may I suggest a salad of mixed greens including a perhaps-less-than-farm-fresh head of lettuce? Or would Madame never send to know for whom the lettuce wilts, because perhaps — just perhaps — it might be Madame?

    So sad. No salad for the former PM. I suppose that if she did have some salad, she would eat, shoot, and leave (coincidentally similar name there, for a book at its core about the conflict between certitude and ambiguity, isn't it?).

  • Unfortunately, neither Ms Truss nor the Tory party leadership as a whole will be held accountable. Not to the public at large, not to the electorate, not to their own party, not to each other. Nobody has told the party's bag man that he's unwelcome to throw his hat back into the ring for leadership a couple of months after he resigned before he was pushed.
  • That certainly makes more sense than pondering which part of government is responsible for ensuring a healthy economy… which rather assumes its conclusion, that some part of government really has control and not just influence.
  • It makes much more sense than authors — and more often transferees — histrionically screaming about idea theft as a copyright infringement when it can't be. I suppose it beats being the property of Rabbi Löw, the creator of the Golem (not Gollum).
  • Others are now starting to ask with some frequency about the "safety concerns" at stores trying to unionize. I still say it's that managers don't feel safe in their assholery if there's a union grievance process to counteract the management handbook (a/k/a the undergraduate business-administration curriculum in the US). Notice that we don't hear about that chain closing stores for "safety reasons" in, say, actual war zones that are not under sanctions… places in which, typically, the fact of "having a job" justifies just about any abuse. (It's called Stockholm Syndrome. Or is that Helsinki Syndrome?)