12 July 2022

Schadenfreude–Flavored Link Sausage Platter

There's at least some in every sausage on the platter! Admittedly, that's far from unusual; this time, though, it's branding!

  • So, so sad to see BadHairBoy Jr resign as the UK's Prime Minister. It will no doubt create some eyebrow-raising entries on the next Honours List (which will be no change at all); it will lead all of us Over Here to snicker at the candidates to replace him while we carefully ignore some of the morons whom we elect Over Here; and the British Army will remain unfit for purpose (keeping in mind that The Economist would never use those words about a pillar of the establishment like the Army).
  • So the free-riders of Pandora have been sued for copyright infringement by a famously (infamously?) off-kilter comic. Pandora itself predicted such lawsuits years ago. Which mainly prove that Marx was wrong in where he pointed the finger — it's not overconcentrated control of the means of production that is the most-likely source of social problems, but overconcentrated control of the means of distribution (Exhibit 14,719 — as to both sides, may they both lose, and notice that the authors who are the "means of production" are entirely unrepresented and not being heard from, which might be less damaging than being misrepresented by the Authors' Guild).
  • At least the Mayor of Sunnydale will be a little bit safer from Oz's attack plan, given the pending hummus shortage.
  • Which beats "investing" in tulip bulbscryptocurrencies. Or, for that matter, Birdpoop. In this sausage, I think I'm going to get my wish: It really is possible for all of them to lose, with an extra dollop of schadenfreude sauce on top. Especially if one delves into the actual source of all of the "wealth" on display wih a sufficiently cynical bent…