22 May 2022

No Heat Wave Here

But then, out here, a "heat wave" means 30°… Celsius.

  • If humanity should optimally use the metric system, its ordinary configuration would include ten fingers. And no one would ever have worried about the Chancellor's foot — not even when establishing metes and bounds in Nottinghamshire.

    Copr. Sidney Harris, 1977Snarky comments about the mismatch between the metric system and Planck's Constant will be dealt with accordingly, probably with an irrelevant reference to Critical Race Theory and some hand-waving that makes statistical mechanics look simple and rational.

  • Once upon a time, liberals (and moderates and conservatives with integrity) wanted to be on Nixon's list of enemies. Half a century later, Vlad the Impaler's list of enemies has some disturbing echoes, even in American politics. And I want to plead my case as an Enemy of Vlad; my self-respect demands no less than vehement protest at my non-inclusion…
  • But at least the winning, dominant team will get equal pay. The USWNT is the reigning world champion; the USMNT didn't make the last tournament to determine the reigning world champion.
  • The winning, dominant team in fan service, however, is busy guaranteeing future unequal pay. Guaranteeing? Well, That Would Be Telling… but looking at the named individuals, and the named entities, and the ownership of the named entities, makes it rather obvious.
  • Even more deeply into the nerdly weeds, one finds that (once again) recorded music is changing significant aspects of its business model in a way that I predict will show up in text in about a dozen years — just like every other significant change in business practices since recorded music became a major segment of the entertainment industry about a century ago. (It's not quite lock-step, but darned close.)
  • Then there's this terribly amusing tale — amusing, that is, if your sense of humor and expectations of administrative competence among lawyers are as sick/low as mine — of a hyperformalist win still leading to loss of trademark priority.
  • And yet another commentator who actually has used his education calls out TV Dinner's ignorance. (Any elitist whose forename is almost always a surname is going to get this kind of disdain from me. As will roman numerals when insisted upon by their bearer; I'm not going to celebrate your grandfather — or worse — in referring to you, especially if that ancestor was more than just an upper-class twit.)