12 October 2021

Free Exercise

Just a very short note to those seeking "religious exemptions" from vaccinations (not just COVID–19, either):

Your steadily-evolving colonies of microorganisms do not have "free exercise of religion" rights in my moderately-immunocompromised lungs. Whatever rights they have end at the tip of my nose, and common courtesy indicates that you should keep them to yourself. Even — perhaps especially — if they're evangelical microorganisms.

That goes especially for ignorant assholes like the highest-paid public employee in this state. To make things much worse, he is affiliated in some indefinable — or, at least, questionably justifiable — fashion with a state-supported university that includes both a College of Nursing and a College of Medicine. He is insisting upon a purportedly god-given right that one cannot find directly anywhere in That Horrible Book, or even indirectly in the "new" part of that book. And he's doing so when his daily job includes a vulnerable class — fatigued athletes after practice. And if he's from a religion not based in That Horrible Book, there's even less connection.

The same for cops and firefighters and other first responders, not to mention health-care workers, who are all trained/educated enough to know better… and who encounter potential victimspeople in the course of their jobs in more-vulnerable-than-usual states and circumstances. Not to mention each other, given the effect of fatigue on viral uptake resistance.

<SARCASM> Career politicians and theocrats, though — y'all just go right on ahead. There's too gosh-darned many of y'all, bless your hearts. Your faith will, no doubt, overcome — overcome the bills for your own lavish funerals. </SARCASM>