06 October 2021

Piggies on the Wingies

… not pigs in blankets. Although today's platter does have a lot of pigs (mostly pretty fat ones).

  • Dear Mr Griffin:

    Don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out. The only Chicago residents who'll really be sad to see yet another hedge-fund billionaire go are, well, your fellow fat pigs. And yes, there is a serious crime problem in Chicago, like the criminal enterprises operating out of 141 West Jackson. The key problem with billionaires inserting themselves into politics and policy is that they think that what worked for them individually, to their advantage (almost always with far more resources to "start out" than the vaguely despised middle class earns in a decade or more), is not just a good thing: It's what is needed right now as the only real policy objective. I agree that Chicago has a serious crime problem… but solving it needs to start with the rampant white-collar crime.

  • Speaking of rampant white-collar crime, I'm shocked — shocked, I say — to hear of leaked documents implicating fat pigs (who aren't as smart as they think they are) in genteel white-collar criminal schemes.
  • Costs and benefits are all relative (or, far too often, relatives… but a little nepotism never hurt anyone important, did it?). Consider that right now, there's substantial argument over whether to invest $3.5 trillion over a multiyear period in infrastructure… and almost no balancing of that figure against the entirely lost investment in Afghanistan. And investment that also had body counts; body counts yet to be finalized, even just among the Americans.
  • Meanwhile, one other type of infrastructure is getting either no attention at all or the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people. Just remember that the natural enemy of democracy isn't autocracy (because autocratic regimes get overthrown in favor of more-democratic forms all the time); it's theocracy. And most theocrats (and censors) resemble The Rev. James L. White a lot more than they do any kid who relies on a school or public library for reading material…