03 January 2021

Strict Construction Update for the New Congress

Here's an update on The (Acceptable) Wall, just in time for the new Congress to meet.

Total US COVID-19 deaths as of 02 Jan 2021 346,925  
Total US deaths recognized and memorialized at the Vietnam Memorial 58,318 
Length of Vietnam Memorial (meters) 150.5

Therefore, I shall magnanimously allow The Orange One to build (346,925/58,318) * 150.5m = 895m of that border Wall. With every name inscribed on it. That he must read out loud, which should take just about 24 days at the rate they were read at dedication of the Vietnam Memorial in 1982. That's 24 days he's not tweeting insanity, and would take up all his time until the Inauguration on 20 Jan 2021 (1700Z)! And if the Twenty-Fifth Amendment somehow prevents The Orange One from fulfilling this duty of his office, I suspect his designated deputy will prove just as capable.

Plus, it's cost effective. The Vietnam Memorial was budgeted at $8.4 million in 1978. Allow for a little bit of cost overrun, and estimate $10 million in 1978 dollars, or roughly $45 million. I demand that the Orange One pay it; if one believes him, he can certainly afford it from pocket change, and my demand has exactly as much moral and legal force as a demand that Mexico pay for a wall at the US-Mexico border. If, however, he insists on reallocating defense funds that are supposed to go to fighting armed enemies of the nation, it's still doablewithin budget.

We're up to almost 45% of an appropriate location for such a wall, too. But as of midday (Eastern time) on 20 January 2021, there's an even better location: 26.676944, -80.036944. With the kids, of course. OK, so parts of it might require some marine engineering, but that will be even more good jobs!

*  *  *

From the Department of Sore Losers, don't ever forget Gohmert's pile-on (PDF) (n.b. All Heffalump-appointed judges, including the District Court). And all of you Proud Boys and MAGA nutcases with your line of jacked-up SUVs (flying cheap imported oversized US flags from the windows in 60kph winds, which is against all flag-display rules) cutting off traffic and endangering shoppers at the local grocery stores: You lost. You're losers. And I bet not one of you has or is eligible for a VA ID card.