26 October 2020

Eight More Days

Watching "laws" and "sausages" being made is far less stomach-churning than watching elections — especially when not just one candidate, but one entire side, is acting in bad faith. And BTW this isn't about ideology, but factionalism: Not all conservatism at election time is in bad faith; all fascism is, though, however aligned it claims to be with conservative — or for that matter any other — ideology.

  • Like this moron. And for those who claim he was just "exercising his constitutional rights," remember that while he is in uniform he doesn't have unlimited individual rights — he is an officer of the state, and his uniform is not to be disrespected with partisan slogans. This is why commissioned officers are (or at least were, during the time I was on active duty) strongly discouraged from having political bumper stickers on their cars; those cars had identification stickers marking their registered owners out as officers.

    Although it says an awful lot about "police state" mindsets that:

    Fraternal Order of Police President Tommy Reyes said Ubeda had just voted and was in Government Center for no more than 10 minutes when he was photographed. He also said Florida statute permits police to vote in uniform. Said Reyes: “We would also like to state that the national FOP has endorsed President Donald Trump’s reelection.”

    Voting in uniform is fine. Adding partisan decoration to the uniform, not so much. And the police union leaderships wonder why there's so much distrust of police by minorities when they endorsed a racist bigot for reelection…

  • So do the intelligence agencies around the world. Sort of like all of the agents on the old FBI (with the single exception of the star, who was Hispanic), and all of the cops on Dragnet, were white. You might have thought they'd learned something from college basketball, although I suppose the Oxbridge men running GCHQ in the 1980s can be excused for not knowing about basketball — they were too busy with polo and cricket. But the past hasn't changed that much: They still demand the easy way while pretending that the Pentagon Papers leak was unique and will never be repeated. Well, only a few times.
  • We could start by evicting the landlords, I suppose. Remind me again about the Orange One's past as a landlord?
  • But at least we can have the scholarlyartistic output of a Harvard math professor. Until January 2024.