21 October 2020

The Unavailable Best Word

Our Dear Leader notoriously declared that he has "all the best words." There's one best word, though, that he doesn't have; that I doubt that even at his best he could have legitimately obtained; and that absence, that deficit, that incapability lurks beneath all of the ignorance and abuse he spews forth every day:


Our Dear Leader could not, on his best day ever (with all of his best words), have gotten admitted to any medical school on the merits. Admission requirements had coelesced in the 1970s to require at least two years of undergraduate chemistry (with laboratory), at least one year of undergraduate physics (with laboratory), at least one year of undergraduate biology (with laboratory), and at least one year of calculus. To my knowledge — and based upon looking at the graduation requirements and available courses for Our Dear Leader's undergraduate institution — he… didn't. Which is consistent with what his niece says (impliedly relying upon her sister's evaluation) in her book about his academic, and more generally intellectual, accomplishments and capabilities. So if there's an "idiot" anywhere around here, it's not Dr Fauci, who no doubt earned high grades in those undergraduate courses and went on to earn a doctorate in a scientific field (medicine) besides. <SARCASM> I suspect that the only field in which Our Dear Leader could have earned a doctorate on his own merits is The Art of the Con. </SARCASM>

So whether Dr Fauci is a team player or not, he's got a word — and earned that word — that Our Dear Leader doesn't and can't have. Which no doubt sets off more orange ire and envy because people tend to trust that word and its bearers on scientific subjects like, say, disease transmission and control, more than they do Our Dear Leader. Well, not everyone… but the ones he needs to convince to vote for him who haven't already signed up for Four More Years (to echo what I heard all too often in 1972, concerning someone less visibly corrupt).