07 September 2020

Two Notes on Labor Day

Of course, actually recognizing "labor" on one day hardly balances 364 days (365 days some years) of putting "capital" first. Dead Presidents don't breathe, but they speak — and count most — and vote.

1. Just remember that the Sport of Kings is the result of a society built on kings. Or, over here, plantations. So don't be too surprised when the heavily moneyed ownership (which mostly relies on inherited wealth) looks and acts more like Bob McNair and the rest of the NFL's control group than showing any awareness of the present — or that the first winning jockey was Black.

And in that sense, horseracing is very much like other pro sports: Lots of diversity on the field, and increasingly less the farther one gets from the field but closer to the power and money. Indeed, publishing and the rest of the entertainment industry are the same way, and not just here — there is not one English-born owner "of color" of a Premier League team, and never has been; the empire even has to import its diversity, from among the royalty and near-royalty of nations that a century and a half ago it would have disdained as mere colonial territory.

The color of money isn't green — it's white. Without any capital letter, primarily because it's just assumed. What that says about "locker-room culture" is for others to discuss (I haven't been in one in decades and barely tolerated it then). Just don't ask the owner of the "New York" Giants.

2. I think I'll allow the Orange One to build a certain amount of wall. Let's see, now:

Total US COVID-19 deaths as of 07 Sep 2020


Total US deaths recognized and memorialized at the Vietnam Memorial


Length of Vietnam Memorial (meters)


Therefore, I shall magnanimously allow The Orange One to build (188,513/58,318) * 150.5m = 486.5m of the Wall he wants to build. With every name inscribed on it. <SARCASM> Or maybe, to fill all of those great factory jobs that can no longer be filled by those who died of COVID–19, we can allow an additional 188,513 refugees in, who will no doubt be glad for those great jobs. </SARCASM>

Of course, a much better use would be to build that wall around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with That Individual on the inside of it; we could built 25% of the engineering requirement! But then, until January of next year that would mean nobody could see the Resolution Desk… admittedly, that's probably a good thing given the misuses it has been put to since January 2017 (and, for that matter, prior to that).