27 September 2019

BoJo's Arachnophobia

There was an additional — creature — on the bench earlier this week when Chief Justice of the United Kingdom Lady Hale read the Judgment eviscerating the prorogation (suspension) of Parliament at the behest of Mr Johnson as unlawful and void. But what are we to make of this?

Lady Hale, 24 Sep 2019, on the bench

  • Perhaps she's saying that the Prime Minister has been caught in a web of his own prejudices, ideology, deceptions, and lies. This conclusion would be entirely consistent with both the rhetoric and substance of the Judgment she was reading at that moment.
  • Perhaps she's a fan of The Who and their early hit Boris the Spider (1966). A maximum putdown deserves maximum R&B… at maximum volume, no less.
  • Perhaps she's referring to her own gender. "We'll let herrrrrrrr do it, Preciousssssssss."

Given her sense of humor, I vote for all three.