08 May 2011

Eating One's Reputation

Money flows toward the author. Except when it doesn't...

Non Sequitur, 07 May 2011

  • Monica Goodling did not get what she deserves. She got more than I expected the Virginia bar to give her for her partisanization of, and ideological purity tests for, hiring at the Department of Justice under George III, though: she's been reprimanded. Nice slap on the wrist, there, even if it's more than I expected (which was nothing). <SARCASM> Yeah, the legal profession does such a good job of self-regulation, state by state, that there's no need for any changes to bring a system established in the nineteenth century into the twentieth, let alone the twenty-first. </SARCASM>
  • This can't be a good sign: Switzerland is joining the French e-book-price-fixing party. All they're doing is guaranteeing pirate markets... and I do not think it entirely coincidental that it virtually guarantees the continued existence (and profitability) of one of the largest file-sharers, which (although actually controlled elsewhere) is formally organized in Switzerland.
  • Borders bankruptcy update: Nothing to see here. The routine objection to the purportedly inadequately detailed invoices for professional fees has been filed, and responded to by more detailed (but not, in any sense for those without enough background to read between the lines, enough) revised invoices. Otherwise, things proceed apace in a billion-dollar retail-sector bankruptcy — that is, with no respect whatsoever for anyone whose interest in the orderly disposition of assets had not been reduced to a sum carried on the books of the debtor with a specific name attached to it (even an inaccurate or improperly attributed entry). That means you, authors. That also means you, customers.