16 November 2010

Abbreviated Tuesday Link Sausages

Abbreviated in all senses of the word...

  • It appears that some scholars are attempting to use digitized analysis and databases to understand artistic output, which is a worthy endeavour... to an extent. But art is as much a process as it is a thing, so I'm hoping for some caution on overstatements of what it all means.
  • It's in electronic gaming for now, but has interesting implications for fiction writers (and even nonfiction writers): How much control do athletes have over their images — and, in particular, when must someone who uses that image pay for the right? This is not an easy question, especially when applied to fiction. Consider, for example, a murder mystery set in DC in which Chandra Levy turns out to be only one victim of a serial killer-rapist. At what point does former Congresscreature Gary Condit (who can't be removed from the story, even if depicted as entirely innocent) have a right to control or compensation?
  • Hot off the (virtual) press, the apparent final draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ("subject to legal review", which is ordinarily meaningless) (PDF) promises to make life interesting for everyone. I'm going to wait a couple of days to say much of substance, but my first impression is that this is a bad bargain for just about everyone... which means that it just might have a chance of getting ratified.