29 January 2010

There's Too Much Confusion Here

Well, I can't get no relief (streaming audio)

  • Sarah Weinman offers a most cogent — and interesting — comment on Salinger's demise (which also applies to that of Howard Zinn, let alone that of Louis Auchinloss... remember, although you can't libel the dead, the dead can commit libel). Of course, we have only the family's word that Salinger actually died yesterday; for all we know, he died a year and a half ago, and his body has just been propped up in the front parlor while they waited for 2010 to roll around for precisely the reasons outlined in Weinman's piece!
  • Professor Lessig offers his thoughts on the "revised" GBS settlement, objections and opt-outs to which were due yesterday. As usual, Professor Lessig misunderstands the economics of individual creators involved... but at least he's trying. Meanwhile, the objections are pouring into the overwhelmed court; I'll have an update over the weekend as they start getting posted to official (and unofficial, but more-usable!) repositories. Once again, my silence has been by choice due to possible/perceived conflicts of interest... not because I have nothing to say!
  • Will Anheuser-Busch abandon the Bud Clydesdales? It makes no sense to do so: Transportation and product production in one not-so-neat package! And feeding the monstrous horses barley and water is as close as Bud gets to the Reinheitsgebot.
  • A colleague across the pond wrestles with the problem of form contracts without/with context. Now if only the publishing industry would pay some attention...