25 November 2009

The Last of the Pre-Thanksgiving Link Sausages

Keith Knight, 24 Nov 2009 (resized)Too many other things going on lately... like pondering the nature of 'murican politics in preparation for the Turkey Awards.

  • Some kinds of books may be bad for literati (and for publishing in general). This isn't really the analogy I would have chosen: I might have mentioned tobacco or coca as an alternative to real agriculture. And it has nothing — nothing — to do with the difference between "what is published and when" and "how it's displayed for sale."
  • But, if you insist, here's how to grow do them.
  • Meanwhile, across the pond, the UK government's attempts to regulate the 'net may result in regulating literary agents (which, given the sheer incompetence displayed by too many agents, wouldn't be an entirely bad thing... but the price is too high).
  • There appears to be a strong, negative correlation between "social prosperity" and "social pervasiveness of religion"... announced just in time for the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species.
  • Against the forces of dumbness in Hollyweed, there's this refugee from near Cleveland.
  • What's a link sausage platter without a little controversy on the proper reach of copyright? As my comment to that article indicates, though, there's also a cultural/"we don't have any other weapon!" problem buried in there... as my own experiences with the [Famous Dead Author X], [Famous Dead Author Y], and [Famous Dead Author Z] estates over the last quarter century demonstrate.