17 September 2008

Yet Another Survey

Snurched from Professor Froomkin:

You have been invited to take part in an academic research study to learn more about the psychological bases of political attitudes and voting behavior. This study is headed by Professor Yaacov Trope, Department of Psychology, and conducted by Margarita Krochik, a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology.

NYU psychology-oriented political survey. Warning: It's not designed for those of us to the left of the mainstream of American political thought. And it's definitely not all that considerate of those of us who have plenty of disgust for both the Heffalumps and the Jackasses.

One final note: As a matter of principle, I never disclose for whom I voted, or how I voted on a ballot issue, once I have actually voted. I can spell "secret ballot." And I have spent enough time in places that can't, and studying/working/preparing to bomb places that can't, to appreciate it.