22 April 2008

Spring Sausages

An even-more-hectic-than-normal Tuesday, coupled with a very blah week in the entertainment industry and elsewhere, has resulted in a short miscellany list for today.

  • Lucy Literary is back! My dog is a literary agent.
  • The "War on Terror" (or is that "War of Terror"?) tried to claim another victim, but the least-dangerous branch of government wasn't buying it. The Hon. Richard J. Arcara dismissed all terrorism charges against Steven Kurtz stemming (pun intended) from Kurtz's possession of biological materials for an art project (presumably not an oil painting). Ironically, the police would never have even visited Kurtz's residence but for his 911 call when he found his wife dead at home of heart failure.
  • Over across the pond, a Grauniad blogger believes that, for the good of both the public and of musicians, "copyright abuse has to stop." It's a rather shallow piece, but then it's only a blog entry... and at least it makes the distinction between the artist/author/musician and the publisher.
  • Perhaps later this evening, I'll finally get to watch the beginning of Battlestar Galactica's last season. Wait a minute, I hear you say: That was on 04 April. However, I don't get the SciFi channel — it would cost an additional $60 a month to get it, since my local cable provider (formerly Insight, now Comcast) has relegated it to digital — and I want the writers to get paid. Since today is 22 April, the episode premiered 18 days ago... and the new WGA collective bargaining agreement (remember that little strike?) gives producers the first 17 days (24 days for shows in their first season) of webcasting for free. See New Media Sideletter (PDF), ¶ 2(b)(1)(i).