26 April 2008

Annoyances Part 27

  • Migraines. 'nuf said.
  • Al Sharpton. There's only one kind of "reasonable doubt" that matters to him: that in favor of a melaninically enhanced defendant from the 'hood. Hint:

    {Not guilty}beyond reasonable doubt ⊄ {innocent}

    especially for a crime requiring a specific mens rea (state of mind and/or intent). None of this is to defend what happened, or to claim that those NYPD officers acted with anything resembling professional competence; it is only to express my irritation at "my racial/ethnic/religious group has it tougher than your racial/ethnic/religious group." I don't think that Dr. King would approve.

  • People going through a drive-through at a busy time of day — whether we're talking McZorgle's at lunch or the bank teller at 4:45 doesn't matter — who are talking on their cell phones instead of paying attention to what they're supposed to be doing.
  • Commentators who continue to pretend that a two-party system of nonideologically defined parties is anything resembling a "democracy" or a "democratic republic."