02 April 2008

Non-April-Fool's Miscellany

I'm issuing a bumper crop of miscellany today; I'm holding one item that particularly outrages me for later today (the short version: "What part of 'support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,' did you not understand, Mr Yoo?"). I'm continuing the fine-tuning of the new website and dealing with a variety of foreign and domestic crises here, but I think things are returning to normal. Or as "normal" as they ever get around here, anyway.

I purposely did not post anything yesterday (April Fool's Day). In an election year, every day is Fool's Day, so I really felt no need.

More miscellany tomorrow, and more on the "Yoo memo" later today... if I can stop my screen from smoking long enough to actually post my response.