22 April 2007

Rain Dance

Vegetarians, beware: The subject of this entry is meat. Specifically, mechanically dissected and chopped striated muscle of castrated young steer.


It's well over 30C here today, and dry. Thus, we did the Causasian-American Rain Dance: we fired up the outdoor grill and cooked burgers. There was lean ground beef on sale today, so that took care of that ingredient. A little work with some chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, yellow onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, four different kinds of freshly ground pepper, toasted and ground coriander, and some fresh chives from the garden, courtesy of the mini food processor; mixing the meat with the spice paste; and it was ready to cook. About 30 seconds a side at blowtorch temperature (well, a little bit more done than that, but not much).

And I'm now ready to deal with the aftermath of the Supreme Court's opinions last week, and the anticipated nonsense of opinions this week. I just have a bad feeling that one of the patent cases will come down this week... and that's probably not a good thing for those of us who give a rat's ass about IP. It's definitely not a good thing for those of us who care about the publishing industry, but the reason for that will become clearer if my fears (based on reading the transcript of oral argument) are reflected in the final opinion.