23 April 2007

No Monday Miscellany this week. The miscellany was so disjointed that even I couldn't come up with enough strange relationships to make the miscellany mean anything more than the random typing of a million monkeys.

Instead, let's talk for a moment about bad customer service. Unfortunately, this blawg has an irritating example at the top of it. I was involuntarily shifted to the "new" Blogger interface last night. I spent 20 minutes recoding the top so that the [insert favorite expletive here] Blogger Bar wouldn't cover up part of the blawg description. In the meantime, you'll notice that — contrary to the design of the blawg — the date-and-time stamp no longer runs in on the first line in place of a drop cap (you don't even want to think about the CSS and HTML coding it takes to make a proper drop cap because Micro$oft can't be bothered to comply with CSS standards... and is differently noncompliant across versions). If not for other considerations, the ridiculous Blogger Bar would send me to another blogging platform. Now.

I could obviously name more examples of problems. But even more irritating than the Blogger Bar, the dubious "upgrade" broke the posting features of my preferred front end. Now I'll just have to go recode something else in my copious spare time.