08 August 2006

Something Fishy on the Bicycle

I suppose that some day I'll regret raising my kids to enjoy playing games with language. But not today.

Recent events have led to a few minor arguments around the house, mostly about whether the Jedi in this little exchange should be Darth Zizou or Obi Floyd Kelandis:

Referee Let me see your urine sample.
Jedi You don't need to see my urine sample.
Referee We don't need to see your urine sample.
Jedi These aren't the 'roids you're looking for.
Referee These aren't the 'roids we're looking for.

Not too bad for an unplanned bit of nonsense.

The real problem is that the purportedly positive test results for Floyd Landis simply make no sense. To begin with, which moron decided that taking a urine sample after a dehydrating event such as an uphill stage in the Tour de Drugs would give a meaningful result? Then there's the chicken-and-egg question: Is it just perhaps marginally possible that world-class athletes might have abnormally "enhanced" levels of performance-enhancing substances just through genetics? (After all, they were probably well above average athletically even without training.)