12 August 2006


What these annoyances—in life and at work—say about me is probably not very complimentary, but…
  • If you're checking out at the grocery store—particularly in the express lane—please don't stand in front of your cart after you've unloaded. That goes double if you're writing a check, and quadruple (notice the geometric progression?) if you're also going to handwrite the entry into your checkbook. Unload your cart, move it in front of you, and push it ahead so the next person can get to the unloading belt before his ice cream melts.
  • If the idiot who decided that default directories would be called "My ___" ever comes in range, he/she had better be wearing body armor. Leaving aside that this is just begging for an intruder to exploit it—instead, the setup routine should ask you to name the directory the program/OS "needs" to create—it inordinately screws up alphabetical or alphanumeric filing systems.
  • Would someone please have the U.S. Courts of Appeals adopt a uniform numbering format for appellate cases, and uniform naming for decisions? And if someone would do that for the District Courts, too, that would be great. I don't care if the court wants to subcode its numbers, but it drives me nuts to search slip opinions with differing lengths and naming conventions. Something like "A090255797P.pdf" is a lot more informative than the nonsense actually in use (just try finding a filename from the Sixth Circuit if your search program expects to find the court designation at the beginning of the filename!).
  • While we're talking legal citation, I'd like to smack the Bluebook editors in the head and tell them "Follow Supreme Court practice instead of trying to impose your own preferences, you morons!" Different typefaces don't bother me as much as the distinctions in parallel citation requirements. Of course, this isn't exactly a new peeve for me, is it?
  • Carefully reconsider the number of handicapped parking places near institutions that cater primarily (or extensively) to children. For example, one nearby library has six handicapped spaces immediately outside the entrance to the children's department (or, at least, did until it started construction), which meant that families with small children had to cross a partially blind alley. I don't recall ever seeing more than three of those spots occupied at once.
  • Local governments: If you're going to bitch or otherwise pitch a fit over "student drunkenness," you should reconsider your zoning and parking policies that mean that literally the only "entertainment" near the campus is a group of pretty slimy bars. You drove away the only movie theater in Campustown a decade ago; you've driven out two video arcades on that same block in the last decade, and replaced them with bars; you've cut parking by a third and tripled the parking meter rates, which require feeding up to 9pm; and you're still whingeing about drunken students and underage drinking in Campustown?