30 June 2004

One Candlepower

Today is Scrivener's Error's first birthday. This first year has seen:
  • An estimated 25,000 visitors, although the tracking software hasn't been very reliable
  • Over 450 posts amounting to about 190,000 words (plus footnotes and tables)
  • Seventeen pieces of hate mail
  • Advancing from an crunchy crustacian to a flappy bird, which is not bad for a blawg with no ads, no connection to a big law firm, and no academic or media affiliation
  • The realization that none of the so-called "link trackers" are worth a damn for inclusiveness
  • One cease-and-desist demand so ridiculous that it was promptly used as evidence of bad faith in an ongoing dispute
  • And a Japanese transistor radio

Congratulations also to Blog 702 aka the Daubert Blawg, which is also one year old today.