30 June 2004

The Last Day of June

It's also another anniversary today. Not such a pleasant one, either; and it's getting no press at all.

Seventy years ago today, World War II became inevitable. After the Night of the Long Knives, there was nobody left who was both ready and able to stand up to Hitler; everyone who had the influence or power to do so was hemmed in by military tradition, and those with the motivation to do so were isolated from the instruments of power, with the possible exception of Canaris. While the Night itself was 29–30 June, the executions did not take place until the 30th.

I will studiously avoid comparisons to this in the US unless on 13 July we learn that something horrible happened within the US power structure. I will then think that Disraeli must be laughing at us from beyond the grave: For then, we will certainly have repeated history because we didn't understand it.