31 December 2023

Open-on-Sunday Link Sausage Platter

Because it's the last Sunday of the year, and more Americans are worshipping at the idiot box (overtly professional football… and not, you losers) in preparation for a night of drinking, debauchery, and baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad musical performances than anywhere else.

  • A company that wants to open an outlet actually on the property of, and a hub for, public transportation — especially in a major US city with a higher-than-typical proportion of residents/visitors whose "day of worship" is Friday and/or Saturday, or even not at all — it needs to be open on Sunday. This isn't about imposing upon anyone's "free exercise," because anyone who really wants to both serve that transit hub and maintain a never-on-Sunday… preference (after several tries, I substituted a rather less disapproving descriptor there) can just rent a location across the street, on private property where no government will be entangled with or implicitly endorse that preference.

    When I very infrequently want "fried chicken" I go for KFC — Korean fried chicken (the semicelebrated "waffle fries" are gnarly at best anyway). Preferably from a vendor without a history of selfrighteous owner-virtue signalling; no, I don't shop at Hobby Lobby, either. Tastes differ, so you Chik-Fil-A fans can go have a (too often) soggy, (always) oversalted mess if you want. The point, though, is that if a company intends to take advantage of "the public" on public property, it needs to serve the whole public — not just those whose travel schedules/needs match the company owners'/controllers' worship schedule.

    Take the carefully mischaracterized culture war back to the bloody pulpit and keep it there. That way anyone who can't recognize the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century European version of culture wars can have it rubbed in their faces and maybe, just maybe, learn to recognize it.

  • It's not a very long journey from illusory "free exercise" issues to illusory "free speech" issues. In my experience, the trip is dishearteningly short — and largely delineated by hypocrisy.
  • No "Lost Cause" or "Manifest Destiny" crap here, and especially no more hagiography of traitors. Please. It's long past time to admit that slaveowning ancestors were assholes unworthy of veneration.
  • Which is not the only US-style hellscape worthy of rejection. (Drivers in Paris: You're next. You've got nothing to be proud of; you make French waiters look courteous.)

    The obvious solution Over Here is to do what my home state used to do: Base vehicle licensing fees on gross vehicle weight… but be aggressive about it. And add a surcharge for any permanently-mounted bicycle rack or rooftop cargo carrier, or gun rack…

  • It's bad enough when one's personal devices and/or general internet presence are tracking you, but many people would draw the line at their cars. This problem is not new; think about it out at your New Year's Eve party.