24 November 2023

Black Friday

It's Black Friday! Let's see, what's on the shopping list?

  • Kangaroo treats, $3.77 at MallWort (hoping they'll get through TSA's gentle ministrations)
  • High-end trading hardware, $3300; software, $800; communications (fiber optic), $99/month (but I'll only need two months' worth and even Veriz0n can't get me Down Undah)
  • Inside information to support an "optimal trading strategy," no charge from a college buddy/neighbor/whatever (because if I paid for it that would be illegal)
  • "Untraceable" cryptocurrency account for the profits… oops

Not so much oops for the corporate profits, though, eh? What I really want to know is this: If corporations are people too, why aren't the corporations paying the same tax rates as people… and paying in to the purportedly about-to-be-insolvent Social Security trust fund?