04 April 2023

Background Music

I'd normally start the day (it's early, but it is started) with a snide comment on how the body politic is going to forget a fifty-fifth anniversary today. This time, though, there's a marginally relevant excuse: There's an actual, makes-a-difference mayoral election in Chicago with no incumbent on the ballot! And, of course, other election news; and not-news, such as blatant narcissism among candidates for king the presidency (article chosen semirandomly from a non-paywall site and it still fits that description).

Instead, kick back and enjoy some 70s classic rock from a Georgia band (slightly — but disturbingly slightly — more context-specific).

Imaginary voters
Never turn you down
When all the gov'ners spurn you today
They're around
It's partisan pleasure
Midnight fantasy
Someone to share my wildest dreams with me
Imaginary voter — you're mine, anytime
Imaginary voters, oh yeah
When ordinary voters
Don't feel what you feel
And real-life voting totals lose their thrill
Imagination's unreal
Imaginary voter, imaginary voter
You're mine, anytime
[guitar solo]
Imaginary voters never disagree
They always care, they're always there —
When you need:
Reelection guaranteed
Imaginary voter, imaginary voter
You're mine, all the time
My imaginary voter
You're mine, anytime
I had imagined
Nowhere to vote last night
I had imagined
Nowhere to vote last night

Source work:
©1978 Perry Buie, Robert Nix, & Dean Daughtry
℗1978 Atlanta Rhythm Section


Sadly, it's relevant in Georgia or Chicago — and it lurks behind New York court proceedings taking place in a few hours. Eleven thousand, two hundred and eighty counts' worth of lurking.