24 November 2022

The 2022 Turkey Awards

An annual tradition for over two decades (in various formats)! This is my list of ridiculous people from 2022 (so far). Pass me one of those rolls, please:

And just as last year, I'm not inviting the mostest ridiculous of them all to this feast. I'm still trying to decide, for insurance purposes, whether he's better characterized under the DSM (pick your favorite edition) as a narcissistic sociopath or sociopathic narcissist — remembering, of course, that I'm not a licensed mental health professional (merely a former commanding officer who had to make such decisions, with the advice of licensed mental health professionals, regarding fitness for military service), so that's a statement of opinion and not of fact. But please, please sue me for defamation, you arrogant POS — I could use the forthcoming sanctions.