04 July 2022

The Almost-Annual Rant on This Being the Wrong Holiday

Leaving aside the blown-off fingers, terrorized pets, drunk driving, and food poisoning —

  • At most, we gave The King the finger today. It took another seven and a half years before it really mattered.
  • It wasn't 04 July. Signing began over the night of 02-03 July and continued for several days thereafter.
  • The Declaration of Independence did not establish the United States, and has exactly zero legal effect today. The document that did establish the United States and has legal effect of some kind — and how much effect it has will be discussed here at length once my screen stops smoking from the sixth draft — is a mid-September work.
  • All of the above documents were written by white Christian male landowners, for white Christian male landowners. And addressed to white Christian male landowners. <SARCASM> I only qualify for 1.5 out of 4 there, so maybe my incessent criticisms are coming from an audience other than that intended? </SARCASM>
  • Focusing on the Declaration of Independence takes attention away from other, more important, more difficult foundational issues, like “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Based on the jurisprudence this Term of the Supreme Court — not to mention the Fifth Circuit — the Heffalumps have been violating that clause persistently for decades.

Oh, darn it, the vegetarian crawled out of the marinade again this year…