22 April 2022

New Math

The following story problems do not appear in any textbook recently rejected by Florida as creating potential discomfort in students. But they probably should…

Carl owns a trucking company. A new report suggests that trucks with a backup camera are 37% less likely to strike and injure or kill pedestrians. Carl asks for your advice on how much he should spend per truck on backup cameras. Your research shows that Carl will avoid liability if the cost of improving safety with these new cameras is less than the chance of a mishap multiplied by the loss from the mishap — that is, if B < PL.

1. Carl's trucks primarily operate in Overtown. If the estimated loss from striking a pedestrian in Overtown is $15,000, what is the most that Carl needs to spend on backup cameras (per truck) to avoid liability? Show your work.

2. Carl has opened a new depot in Coral Gables, where the estimated loss from striking a pedestrian is $35,000. What is the most that Carl needs to spend on backup cameras (per truck) to avoid liability? Show your work.


Under Florida law, the legislature can override the governor's veto if two-thirds of the attending legislators vote to override. Newly-elected Governor Goldsmith (who was educated in New York and does not fully understand our Christian traditions) needs your help understanding the chances of a veto override. The Senate will override his veto of important bills that enhance those Christian values no matter what, but there's less party loyalty in the 118–member House.

3. If all members are present, how many God-fearing members of the House would it take to override his veto?

4. How many godless Democrats must be arrested by the State Police, and kept from attending the veto-override vote, if there are 78 attending, God-fearing members of the House?


Florida Man is on food stamps. He isn't very good at math, so he asks you for help.

5. Florida Man is a single ex-convict receiving the full $250 per month in food stamps. Because he lives in a trailer with no refrigerator, he has to shop for food every day. How much can he spend on steak on a day in April if he already has everything else for the day?

6. According to the Income Limit Chart, if Florida Man has one out-of-wedlock child in his household, and he can fence a set of four stolen hubcaps for $25.50, how many sets can he fence in one month to avoid reducing his food-stamp benefits?


(n.b. All errors intentional… if not always mine.)