04 April 2021

A Query for the Governor of Another State

So, you want safe, secure elections, Governor Kemp. For whom and by whom?

The fundamental problem with letting Them vote is that they won't vote for you and your friends in the same proportion as the Right People will, right? You just can't trust Them with the franchise! Just like you can't trust women to vote correctly. Or those of other religions. Or even men who don't own sufficient income-producing real property.

What is perhaps most shocking is that the sport of Ty Cobb (notwithstanding recent revisionism) and Kennesaw Mountain Landis is more aware of and respectful of racial equality (to your cost), Governor, than you appear to be. Which is rather ironic in that one of your state's most famous residents was assassinated this day in 1968, while fighting — nonviolently — for racial equality.

I've been a social justice warrior since I was 18, when I read and then swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States — specifically including the Fourteenth Amendment — against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It appears to me that the Governor of the State of Georgia either didn't read the Constitution, or didn't understand what "equal protection of the laws" means. Or else he's just an oathbreaker — an interesting contrast given what else falls on April 4th this year… although perhaps pointing a few days earlier in the accepted narrative.