16 December 2020

Unamerican Narcissistic Sore Loser(s)

It's as close to official as our screwed-up system gets: Drumpf lost the Electoral College vote. After he lost the popular voteagain. That has not stopped the Crybaby-in-Chief, or his enablers and occasional diaper-changers, from proclaiming otherwise without any evidence in support. And while ignoring the other side of the coin: That pre-ballot-counting voter suppression is as much a part of "election fraud" as any intentional errors, or systemic irregularities or imperfections, or just plain mistakes, in the counting of the ballots actually cast and received.

Out here in the Pacific Northwet, we had the following results for Governor (certified by our long-standing Heffalump Secretary of State, who happens to be the only statewide-elected Heffalump):

  Votes Margin  
Jay Inslee (Jackass) 2,294,243 ——— 56.56%
Loren Culp (Heffalump) 1,749.066 545,177 43.12%
Write-ins 13,145 2,281,098 0.32%

That is, Culp would have to shift results by well over half a million ballots out of just over four million ballots counted — more than one in eight — to change the result. It's not rational to believe that such a wide "fraud" wouldn't have been noticed and stopped during the process (unless, that is, one believes that the Heffalump Secretary of State had installed entirely Jackass partisan election workers who uniformly did not remark on problems). That did not stop Culp from filing a copycat-of-Drumpf lawsuit (PDF), nor did it stop his lawyer from violating both the Rules of Professional Conduct and Washington procedural requirements. Of note, even if one accepts the concept that a "change of address out of state" necessarily results in loss of voting rights — when I went away from the state to college, I filed a COA because my parents were moving, but that didn't change my residence; and then there are just a few military members every year who move away from Washington due to a change of duty station but do not change their legal residence — that "complaint" cites fewer than 200,000 possible "ineligible" voters. And worse, it relates only to ballots mailed out, not ballots returned and counted; I personally know of at least half-a-dozen ballots that were mailed out in error (often due to late changes of address), properly resolved with local election authorities, and neither returned nor counted.

What this really reflects is that the extremist right cannot conceive that anyone would disagree with them. Disagreement is the entire point of democracy. I call on whatever passes for organizational leadership of Antifa to stand by while this (former, downsized) police chief does his very best to fulfill the purpose of the police: Not to cause disorder, but to preserve disorder. Eppur si muove, motherf*ckers; I beseech the far right in the bowels of Christ to consider that they might be wrong. Even at that, the United States is not supposed to be a theocracy. See, e.g. U.S. Const. Art. 6 ¶ (unnum.) 3 ("no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States"); id. Amd. I ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…"). Even in the theocracy of seventeenth-century England, Cromwell — who was a theocrat himself and no liberal — found cause to accept the possibility of disagreement.

What Drumpf and his allies and hangers-on are doing is unAmerican. And unlike virtually all of them, I've got not-everyday-wear stuff put away in a drawer implying that I have at least some credibility in saying so. Even if they disagree because I'm not of an acceptable religion (sect, or even having one).