11 November 2020

The Corner of Some Foreign Field

Today is the day that should be Election Day. Not because I wanted even one more Planck temporal unit of the draft-dodger currently proclaiming his victory from the misscheduled event, but because there are reasons and people who made Election Day possible too oft forgot. Over There, they call it Remembrance Day for good reason.

Even those of us who served need reminders, although it sometimes takes a conscious effort, especially when there's lots of baggage with those memories; not all of the casualties are buried in some foreign (or domestic) field. At least we don't try to replace cemeteries with golf courses, and call the… current residents… "losers" because they're in the way of our grandiose plans or couldn't afford dubious medical opinions so that, in Patton's words, some other poor dumb bastard could die for his country. But at least some of those buried under the carefully manicured greens would then be admitted to the course… because they would have had "ancestry problems" being admitted to the courses while they were alive, having not been born to whiteness, or wealth, or maleness, or the right religion for the region. The irony that a certain golf tournament has been rescheduled for now without acknowledging any of that is a bit grating (since the Vice-President-Elect would have been excluded by multiple grounds from that course… and still is by one of them).