25 May 2020

Spare a Thought This Memorial Day

… for the falling, not the fallen.

Not all casualties of war are fatal. Spare a thought for the dead, certainly; and it shouldn't be just on Memorial Day, although that's another argument entirely. But stop neglecting the disabled veteran, whether obviously so due to a missing limb, less obviously so due to a clear loss of mental faculties, or insidiously so from service-related substance abuse or invisible emotional scarring. Stop neglecting the veteran who has a disability that falls outside the horribly cramped definitions of "disability" and "service-related" that have been established over time, usually by and/or on behalf of people who never served and have no first-hand knowledge of what "military service" means. Stop neglecting the financial disabilities caused by transition, loss of health care, appallingly low pay, distrust of all kinds, and a variety of other social factors.

So please show some awareness. Don't add to the count of the fallen veterans by ignoring the falling ones.