04 May 2020

Fifty Nice Spring Days for John Mitchell

Half a century ago today, there was a horrifying event in American history from which we haven't learned very much.

No, this has nothing whatsoever to do with a Certain Film Franchise. Leaving aside that there's still more than half a decade remaining before its fiftieth birthday, I refuse to countenance the hijacking of this date by fanboys — and it's almost all boys — making a sophomoric pun. Nor that franchise's general disdain for civil rights, particularly in the prequel-that-shall-not-be-named (which, leaving box office aside, contains some disturbing parallels to a more thoroughly repudiated Disney film; admittedly, the Certain Film Franchise's own dark — whitebread? — side is/was mostly pre-Disney ownership, as is the fanboy foolishness). One wonders if the eleventh of September would be treated the same way; or, rather, one wonders how long until the eleventh of September is treated the same way.

Today, in central Ohio, was about the entitled and powerful refusing to accept that the group of people most likely to become casualties implementing their policies didn't agree with them, and killing nonviolent dissenters instead. That should be a lesson for the current power structure… but all too often, the purpose of the police (or National Guard improperly, and probably unlawfully, called in to act like police) is to preserve disordered thinking.

Have a nice day, John Mitchell. At least this time around, the four dead in Ohio will more likely be due to COVID–19 than the Establishment's inflexibility (and willingness to evade Posse Comitatus, but that's for another time). Wait a minute…