07 March 2020

Unnatural Ability

The Orange One's statement that "Maybe I have a natural ability" to assimilate the scientific issues on the surface of COVID–19 exposes, sadly, the other reason that Professor Warren dropped out of the race. Professor Warren came up with detailed plans for turning lofty rhetoric into actual policy. Then she put those plans out there for examination. In short, she demonstrated that actual governance is hard work. The contrast with her opponents in both parties could not be starker.

So it wasn't just that she's a woman. It's that she's a smart woman, unafraid to demonstrate to some not-quite-as-smart men that platitudes will not make America great "again." That's been true for the entire history of this nation; it has also been discounted for the entire history of this nation. Thus far, the only "natural ability" I'm seeing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — from any member of that family — is insulting the intelligence of anyone who actually knows anything. (And if Drumpf had any natural ability of any kind in the life sciences, he'd know that he can't inherit a learned skill from his uncle…)

I didn't have to agree with everything Professor Warren proposed (and didn't) to respect that — unlike everyone else, and in particular unlike Drumpf on the one hand and Biden and Sanders on the other.