17 January 2020

Snowed-In Link Sausage Platter

Although these link sausages are semi-frozen, they're ardently not semi-Frozen II. Especially since the 'net was out for a day.

Most of these frozen link sausages, however, represent my past coming back to haunt me.

  • Like, for example, textbooks reedited for the Texas market. And it's not just history textbooks, either; even PE textbooks and science textbooks have to be "adjusted" to accommodate the cultural sensitivity religious and ideological arrogance of some markets.
  • Then there's the fun of shell companies used to evade set-asides. I find this story slightly annoying because the LAT reporter rather wide-eyedly acts as if this is something new. It's been going on since approximately 45 seconds after the first "modern" set-aside program was established… in the 1940s, for veteran-owned companies. And there are criminal convictions to demonstrate it.
  • I've been bitching for about forty years that too few "reviews" were negative — that reviewers tend to be overly nice. Especially in the audio and audiovisual areas, reviews and reviewers are treated by everyone (including themselves) as adjuncts of the distributor's marketing department. My ire was set off by having seen the Oscar-winning film I shall not name, in its initial release, before reading any reviews of it… especially after having seen several other vastly superior films that "year" that were logrolled by AMPAS voter dumbness (and the misbegotten influence of the publicity whores, regardless of gender or preference). Now Phi Beta Kappa has noticed that this is a problem for books. Surprise!
  • Conversely, the ironic and somewhat misnamed The Critic misses the mark (by several years) and misidentifies the signifiers of the "death" of rock and roll (it was not later than, and perhaps epitomized by, the overblown nonsense and rejection of thought/development/reality sold as Frampton Comes Alive). Rock "died" in the sense that Mr Green suggests when love/lust ballads retook the center of discussion from broader awareness shortly after the fall of Saigon. And contrariwise, there were a lot of vastly superior musicians and songwriters after the Joisey Maroon's contribution cited in Mr Green's piece, all of whom continued to evolve matters in ways that Mr Green denies happened. To name four obvious examples in alphabetical order, Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler, Peter Gabriel, Janis Ian, and Richard Thompson were all producing evolutionary work that "developed" rock both before and after Green's critical date.

That's enough for now. Time to get back to building Evil Snowgoons of Impeachment, which will be promptly ignored by Senator Turtle in violation of the oath he just took on national TV.