09 November 2019

I Sentence You to Be Exposed Before Your Peers

It's been thirty years now. Meanwhile, some jerk with bad hair and a potty mouth is building an even bigger one (improperly using Other People's Money) to compensate for his tiny… hands. And intellect. And moral sense (not congruent with or even parallel to even grievously flawed "judeochristian concepts of morality," but which instead includes greed, corruption, bribery, ego, and complete disrespect for originating cultures — or any other culture for that matter, let alone dissent within "his own").

It was even more fun from the other side ("fun" being an acronym for "fouled-up nonsense" or something like that). And that is something that antiimmigration activists would greatly to prefer evade acknowledging is an issue of any kind, let alone actually thinking about it.