16 July 2019

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

And I don't mean just to Queens (even if Queens might as well have been a foreign country when you were growing up there, happily living off the proceeds of your grandfather's career as a neopimp fleecing goldminers in Alaska). Which, perhaps more than anything else, reflects your inability to contemplate what "competition" actually means… because competition in the sex trade isn't good for anyone.

No, I mean going back to Kallstadt, where your grandfather really came from. That's the place you should go back to and fix, before you engage in a facist, racist campaign of criticizing America, like you did by not later than 1998 and went public with in 2015. Because there's nothing whatsoever wrong with the Palatinate. Nope: No antisemitic traditions (hint: Arabs and Palestinians are Semites, too), or xenophobia, or nepotism… or history as one of the strongholds of the Nazi party.

Meanwhile, your dubious allies are trying another path to take us back to the good old days of the 1950s: painting members of the United States government with the label "communist" just because they say "disagreeable" things. (There are exactly 57 of them, Senator IselinGraham. All while the House Heffalump leader is named… McCarthy. Can't you guys even come up with new slurs?)

So get back to where you once belonged (although I don't think you left for California grass (which you would have paved over, anyway, even though that's a different song by actual Americans)… or consorted with a man who thought he was a woman, let alone a gender-fluid tree).

And in the meantime, my apologies to the four women of color who've been pilloried in this way. It's all I've got, I'm afraid… but in a sense, we're all responsible. That's the point of representative government.