18 June 2019

HRH Mark I

Since the Supreme Court won't be mischievously upsetting our expectations issuing more decisions until Thursday, a denizen of the other coast — one who, on all evidence, thinks he's beyond the law anyway — took advantage of the lull to announce his new sovereign state. One of the traditional markers of sovereignty is an independent financial system (however entangled with the rest of the world or opposed by others), and This Is It.

Z has already demonstrated all of the arrogance, self-regard, and entitlement required of royalty. But he knows he's unelectable in our current system (a contemporary's continued rejection, both in person and via initiative, presages his likely fate). Besides, he'd be required to follow someone else's rules to run for office or be confirmed to an appointed office, and he's just bloody not interested in that. And then he'd have to pay attention to constituent needs, which is definitely something he's bloody not interested in.

Facebookia is just about as credible as Freedonia. For the moment. But Z is beginning to act more and more like a banana-republic dictator… similar to United Fruit. Far be it from me to compare Facebook to the Cavendish banana, although both have this nasty fungus and both are entirely cloned and nondiverse…

P.S. Go ahead. Just try to cancel my account (hint: I don't have one).