23 January 2019

Presidential Vocabulary (William Goldman Edition)

One of his handlers taught Cheeto a new word today. He claims that the only threat to his former fixer "personal lawyer" is the "truth", and that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is afraid of the "truth" (even though he'll no doubt broadcast the same damned speech from elsewhere, so neither she nor the public will avoid the speech). As one of Mr Goldman's most popular films remarked (also regarding a stable genius who labelled Socrates a "moron"), "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it does."

Meanwhile, he's more polite to repressive dictators who remain technically in a state of armed conflict with the United States than to democratically elected government officials who are not his sycophants.1 Of course, there's another film scripted by the late Mr Goldman that's relevant here. On all evidence, Cheeto hasn't ever seen it, and probably thinks it's the fantasy as compared to The Princess Bride.

  1. Ordinarily, I'd link directly to the original statement. I am not going to give Cheeto that satisfaction; neither will I support the even-more-simultaneously-childish-and-Orwellian business model of the venue on which that statement originally appeared. Things these days are plenty antisocial without dragging antisocial media into a conversation that requires vastly more than 140 characters at a time. Hell, just saying "conflict of interest" uses up twenty-two, allowing for spaces on either side!